Real Estate in Frederick, MD, Spanish Speaking
Grettell Delcid Habla Español

Real Estate in Frederick, MD, Spanish Speaking
Buy and Sell with Grettell Delcid, Habla Español/Spanish Speaking


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I would highly recommend Grettell Delcid for all your future home financing needs. She helped my family and myself in a tremenduous way. We were looking to find a house that was a great fit for all of our needs in a very short period of time. Home buying is definetely a great task and we found the right person to help us through the entire process. Grettell is also great person to work with, not only is he knowledgeable but she will also look out for what is best for your interests and offer you a property that is worth your investment. Thank you for the work you do Grettell. Keep it up ! 🙂

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Mrs. Gretell is a very professional and knowledgable real state agent who helped me find a beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood in town. At the time of the home negotiation, Mrs. Gretell was very efficient and worked within the giving timeline. I was a first time homebuyer and she kindly took the time to go over every detail with me. I was grateful she educated me about the different aspects of the home purchase process. I will highly recommend her.

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Grettell is very responsive, professional, and patiently explained the overwhelming terms in real estate. She helped me with foreclosed home at great patience considering it’s not easy to deal with bank owned property. She’s a go-getter who can help home purchase made easy.

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Grettell found the perfect house for us. She was really patient and responsible. She helped us understand every detail by speaking to us in our first language (Spanish). Apart of being a great realtor, she is a great person. I highly recommend Grettell Delcid!

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